Spontaneous or genetic. No Cure. Worldwide. Absolutely Relentless.

Duchenne is a devastating form of muscular dystrophy in which every muscle wastes away until boys', and some girls', fertile young minds are trapped inside their own bodies.

They learn to run and jump and skip and hop. These skills are quickly taken away. They learn to sit up and stand and feed themselves. These skills remain for a bit, but do not stay. They learn to hug their moms and dads and brothers and sisters and those hugs, that mean so much, are also devastatingly taken by this relentless disease. Life is short but these children are smart, fun, witty and brave.

Our goal is huge and our need is great. Scientific breakthroughs have opened up clinical trials in which boys are participating. These boys are noticeably staying stronger for longer. We have hope.

For each hug you share, generous sponsors will donate $1. If you have funds beyond a hug, consider donating. Help us save this generation of children with Duchenne. Save a son, save a grandson, save a brother, a sister, student, friend. Help save our kids.

Our mission...keep them hugging.

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  1. On Twitter or Instagram (make sure public) upload a picture of a hug.
  2. Hashtag the photo #HugsForDuchenne
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Sponsored By: ICUC

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